Our Founder

Omé’s founder, Christine Tucktuck is an innovative entrepreneur whose lifelong commitment to healthy skin care is inspiring (and inspired by) women around the world.

In her own words…
I’ve been passionate about skincare for as long as I can remember, but was never able to find high-end organic products that actually worked. So, at my mother’s insistence (she really believed in me!) and with determination I never knew I had, I embarked on this unexpected and unforgettable journey to find a solution. 

After months of intensive research alongside industry experts, I developed a unique combination of the finest, naturally effective ingredients. This formula is not only healthy and luxurious, but proven to work for women of all skin types. You can feel it hydrating your skin within seconds. It’s the product I’d been looking for my entire adult life. And now, it’s yours! 


I can’t wait to hear how Omé makes you feel, and to share more products with you as we develop our line. Welcome to our family!